A few quick things before you hop into the site:

If you are a showrunner or other producer who wants to browse the writers in the database and needs a password, please contact me and I will send you one right away.

The database is designed to be easily filterable, so you can pull lists of writers who fit particular criteria – including representation status, guild status, produced status, genre, gender, ethnicity, LGBT, teams, or any combination thereof. The site is also continually getting new submissions, so if you are a showrunner or producer, please join the Producer Mailing List for relevant updates.

If you are a writer looking to submit, please note that this site is currently only open to those who have worked as TV writers room assistants (including WAs, SCs, EPAs, WPAs, etc) within the past twelve months. Anyone who submits without meeting that criteria or who misrepresents him or herself will be removed. I know there are lots of folks looking for a site that can help them get TV assistant jobs but this is not that site, at least not right now. Please join the Everyone Else mailing list for relevant updates.

This site is a labor of love by one person trying to fill an urgent need, and it is a privilege to try and give a boost to my cohort. That said, I’m a writer, not a programmer, so if you find anything wonky, please contact me. For that matter, if something great happens through the site, please let me know that too!

Good luck to all, and I hope this resource opens doors to lots of awesome things. 

Warm regards,
Joel Silberman

Since 1993

I am a writer who has worked in a TV support staff position within the past 12 months and am ready to submit.

I am a showrunner or other producer who would like to browse the database.

I would like to be informed if StaffMe.TV expands.