I'm not a writers room or TV EP assistant but I'd like to submit anyway. May I?

Not yet. A future version of the site will be open to all kinds of writers, including set PAs, post coordinators, and all kinds of other awesome creative people who've asked this question. But for now, unless and until the site grows, it's just for TV writing staff assistants. Please sign up to the mailing list for updates.

Can StaffMe.TV help me get an assistant job?

No, not with this iteration of the site. A future version might though, so if that's what you're here for, please sign up for the mailing list.

I just tried to submit my work and got an error message. What should I do?

Reload the submission page, fill out the form, and submit again. I know, it's annoying, but it works almost every time. If it doesn't work when you try again, contact me.

Can I change my submission once I've entered it?

Not yet. Allowing people to edit submissions would have required creating a mechanism for unique accounts, which would have brought all kinds of headaches that I can't manage as one person. A future version of the site will likely have this functionality. For now, just make sure you double check yourself before you submit, and if you need to delete your submission let me know.

Why is this limited to TV room and EP assistants?

This is a touchy issue and I'm sensitive to it. As I've said many times, it is absolutely my intent to grow this site significantly and to make it available to all. That said, for this beta I needed a test population, and TV room assistants are disproportionately ready to for serious staffing consideration. Indeed, it's an open secret that room assistants are often used the way staff writers were in a previous era, but paid less. That includes assistants who are supervising set, pitching season-defining arcs, doing uncredited rewrites, and so on. This isn't always the case, of course, but it happens often enough to give the people in this category some special consideration until the site expands.